HEADSHOT: Movie Review

Headshot is an Indonesian action film that comes to us from the Mo Brothers and stars Iko Uwais in the leading role. This is an energetic, frenetic, gritty, hyper-violent and high-octane action entertainer film that boasts a barrage of phenomenally choreographed and often well-shot action sequences. Iko Uwais is a force to be reckoned with on-screen, displaying awe-inspiring physicality and death-defying martial art choreography. The directing … Continue reading HEADSHOT: Movie Review


Yim-soon Rye’s film adaptation of the popular manga series, Little Forest, is a delightfully charming and soulful ode to the power of food, friends, home, and simple comforts. It’s a wonderfully romanticized look at the Korean countryside that invites the viewer into the warm and spirited side of rural living. Rye’s film is very slight in narrative, and her slice-of-life style feels lightweight but the film … Continue reading LITTLE FOREST: Movie Review

JOKER: Movie Review

Todd Philips’ new and much-anticipated film Joker reimagines the well-known titular DC Comics character in a brand new, relevant, and harrowing lens. This a disturbing and dark character study drama that provides a compelling and up-close look at this brilliant rendition of such a famous character. Joker works most primarily because of its phenomenal centerpiece performance, but writers Philip and Silver ground the film in relevant, albeit controversial, subtext … Continue reading JOKER: Movie Review

AD ASTRA: Movie Review

James Gray’s Ad Astra is a meditative, thought-provoking, and poetic film that sublimely explores themes of identity, despair, and purpose through the lens of a compelling character study. Gray’s film asks us to ponder on some meaningful and relevant questions about the importance that forgiveness and love have in an increasingly materialistic world. Ad Astra is a film rich with subtext such as this, even if its execution … Continue reading AD ASTRA: Movie Review

DON’T LET GO: Movie Review

Blumhouse and Jacob Aaron Estes’ newest feature, Don’t Let Go, is a solid attempt at crafting an interesting time travel-meets-murder mystery story that ultimately collapses on itself in the second half. Staged with a dependably strong performance from David Oyelowo, it’s disappointing that this film gets so convoluted in its race to the finish line that it loses the heart and logic of what could have … Continue reading DON’T LET GO: Movie Review

LATE NIGHT: Movie Review

Nisha Ganatra’s Late Night is an amicable and light-hearted comedy that treads on formula but is lifted thanks to its perceptive writing and excellent turn by Emma Thompson. Ultimately, this is a film that die-hard fans of the comedy scene are more likely to appreciate, but its relevant content as a 2019 workplace comedy is sure to resonate with just about everyone. Late Night is an excellent … Continue reading LATE NIGHT: Movie Review

ANIMA: Album Review

Anima by Thom Yorke Anima, Thom Yorke’s (of Radiohead) 2019 album, is an atmospheric, immersive, and experimental record that implements abstract production with edges and splashes of electronic and alt-rock sounds. Yorke’s album is pristine and simple in its production, but that effect is thanks to solid mixing and production value, that perfectly combines the eclectic variety of genres included in the tracks. Many of … Continue reading ANIMA: Album Review